The Willey Envelope Company, established 1851

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For the inconvenience, please enjoy this poem, written by our founder before his death.

Envelopes hold secrets untold,
A message to send and unfold.
From pen to paper, the ink will flow,
A story to tell, a thought to show.

Communication, a vital key,
To connect us all, you and me.
In words we find a way to share,
Our joys, our sorrows, our every care.

Tower's clock ticks with rhythmic sound,
As people hurry all around.
Their busy lives, so full of haste,
The written word, a precious taste.

So take a pen, and write it down,
A message to send, a love to crown.
Seal it in an envelope tight,
And send it off, with all your might.

For communication is the key,
To unlock the doors of destiny.
Envelopes carry our hopes and dreams,
And help us bridge the widest streams.

—Reginald Willey, 1896

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